Alston Lodge

Bath, 2022

The extensive remodelling of a 1930s family house.

The project extends and reorganises a 1930s house to update the accommodation and significantly improve the building’s environmental performance.


The existing structure enjoys a remarkable setting, nestled into a steeply sloping hillside outside Bath, though the existing dwelling fails to make much connection or reference to its verdant setting. A series of strategic interventions will open the house to its extensive garden, increase daylighting and allow for panoramic views of the picturesque valley.

The radical proposal removes the existing uninhabited roof structure, adding a new storey of accommodation in its place. Significant internal alterations reconfigure a series of smaller spaces to create larger rooms with improved connections to the exterior. A new structure to the south of the building creates a canopy to shade new areas of glazing and a terrace for the first floor bedrooms.

A Radical Renovation of a Family Home

Bath, 2022

The project continues to develop our retrofit research and methodologies first employed at Prospect House twelve years previously.

In addition to a thoughtful extension and remodeling of the existing house the building fabric is being upgraded to substantially improve the environmental performance.

The entirety of the existing building will be overclad, with the ground floor level refaced in local Bath Ashlar stone and upper floors clad in profiled oak boarding, allowing existing volumes to merge with new extensions. Improved levels of insulation, new highly performing windows, excellent building services and renewable technologies all contribute to the retrofit strategy.