Roundhill Community Hub and Pantry

Bath, 2022

Roundhill sits within a unique landscape and a vibrant community south of Bath. We are working with the client, a local charity, to develop a strategy for the site that celebrates and enhances this position at the foot of a large limestone formation and realises the potential of a building capable of hosting a wide range of community and charitable activities and be flexible to future uses and needs as it evolves.

The building and landscape will accommodate a range of social infrastructure uses including a dance studio, flexible hall space, a dedicated kitchen and community food pantry along with charitable support spaces and offices.

A range of proposals have been developed and explored with the client including a retrofit and extension option, an entirely new build structure and a series of meanwhile interventions prior to the main project.

Initial proposals focused on opportunities to economically adapt and expand the existing structure, addressing the limitations of the current building and constructing an efficient extension to create a series of welcoming and vibrant new spaces. The existing refurbished volume would house a hall and storage space, new wc shower and changing facilities, a reception, office and community pantry. 

A vibrant new two storey pavilion set on the street’s edge houses a flexible cafe / multi use space with associated wc and kitchen. Open stairs lead to a first floor mezzanine, a homely space for socialising, homework or discussion. This new structure provides a strong civic presence, creating both a visible and welcoming new face and releasing space within the existing building. The proposed cafe space provides the potential for direct access into the new courtyard garden and to the existing playground, making the space a convenient destination for parents with young children.
This joyful new pavilion frames one side of a new courtyard garden, filled with trees and greenery, a generous new green forecourt which enhances the public realm and creates a space for gathering.

A new build proposal examines the opportunities presented by the unusual site and proposes a new a vibrant and adaptable structure built into the hillside with an accessible roofscape. 

Two wings of accommodation frame a series of new outdoor spaces: a generous new forecourt extends the public realm with a tree filled space for gathering, and an enclosed courtyard garden provides possibilities for vegetable growing. Between the two wings a glazed link provides a reception space and a clear and bright entrance.

A large flexible hall with the opportunity for multiple uses occupies one wing along with ancillary wcs and changing facilities. 

A two storey pavilion placed directly on the pavement line houses a series of welcoming and vibrant new spaces: a cafe, kitchen, social mezzanine space and office. This structure opens directly to both the forecourt and playground and provides the opportunity for a range of community uses including breakfast clubs, and community pantry. At first floor level a connection is provided onto the accessible roof, providing opportunities for classes or activities to spill out into the landscape and further knitting the proposed building into it’s green surroundings.

A community building in a unique landscape

Bath, 2022

The existing centre sits within a prominent position in the heart of Southdown, a thriving family community with a high population of young people.

The current building presents a somewhat hostile public face, lacking any meaningful engagement with its immediate landscape or the wider community. The lack of openings to the front elevation impede any visual connection to the interior and fail to invite community engagement and use. 

The structure building provides a lack of flexibility to accommodate different activities, which is further restricted by inadequate storage space.The building as a whole is of rudimentary construction and suffers from poor environmental performance.

Whilst the wider project is developed, and funding sought, a series of meanwhile interventions on site are being explored. These proposals seek to create small but meaningful interventions into the existing site and building, capitalising on and maintaining community involvement during the long process of developing the larger scheme.
One proposal creates a small timber structure on the existing car parking spaces to the front of the site, this tiny building provides space for either a larger community pantry or small cafe space and create a more welcoming front to the existing building.
It is hoped that the structure can be moved to the adjacent playground site or nearby church grounds once the large project commences on site, providing some continuity during the build.